Windows Defender false positive for Specops Group Policy Processor (SOGPPROC.EXE)

(Last updated on November 23, 2018)

On November 20, 2018 we received inquiries from customers that were using the Specops Endpoint Protection feature of Specops Deploy. They had received alerts from Windows Defender that a Specops process was a “Severe Threat”. Windows Defender gave a false positive for Specops Group Policy Processor (SOGPPROC.EXE).

We contacted Microsoft immediately and working with their Windows Defender Security Intelligence Analyst team, our software has been untagged a threat to the Windows clients as of the November 22, 2018.

If you have experienced this issue please make sure that your Windows Clients have the latest virus definitions installed, and then redeploy or repair the Specops Client (CSE) if needed to the affected machines.

If any further information is required please feel free to contact our support team.

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