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Referral Error When Adding a Password Sync Server

When adding a new Password Sync server (either manually or via the Password Sync setup wizard) you may encounter the following error:

A referral was returned from the server

NativeErrorCode = 8235
ErrorCode = -2147467259

at Specopssoft.PasswordSync.Model.AdServiceNamePersister.VerifyResult(Int32 result)
at Specopssoft.PasswordSync.Model.AdServiceNamePersister.SaveServiceName(String serverName, IEnumerable`1 spns)
at Specopssoft.PasswordSync.Model.ServiceNameManager.SaveServiceName(SyncServer syncServer)
at Specopssoft.PasswordSync.Admin.ViewModel.SyncServerCategory.AddItem()

This error indicates an issue writing an SPN for the server’s computer account in Active Directory. Administrators can work around this issue by manually creating the SPNs in Active Directory.

Run the following commands from an admin command prompt, replacing SERVERNAME with the name of your server and with your AD domain name:


For example:

November 12, 2021

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