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Our Technology partnerships ensure that organizations can confidently extend the value of their existing investments and systems to optimize password security– whether that’s extending existing multi-factor authentication investments or extending Microsoft Active Directory functionality.

Technology Partner


Specops Software is Microsoft Partner at the gold level within Application Development, Application Integration, and Cloud Productivity and silver level within Content and Collaboration and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. The Microsoft Partner Network consists of partners, vendors and service providers that build and sell solutions based on Microsoft products.

Technology Partner


Symantec VIP is tightly integrated with Specops uReset to secure password resets and account unlocks done through self-service or at the IT service desk. To reset passwords, users will successfully authenticate with Symantec VIP to prove their identity. After the password is reset, uReset will automatically update the expired credential on the endpoint so disconnected users working remotely can immediately log in using their new password.

Technology Partner

Duo Security

Specops Authentication’s tight integration with Duo Security, now part of Cisco, extends Duo’s modern access two-factor authentication to reduce the end-user adoption barriers that can limit the success of a self-service solution, while also extending the value of this existing authentication investment to secure a vulnerable channel – the IT service desk.

Technology Partner


Specops Authentication enables organizations that are currently using YubiKey to extend this multi-factor method to secure password resets, changes and account unlocks. By leveraging this existing credential users are automatically enrolled into Specops Authentication while extending the ROI of YubiKey.


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