Specops Password Auditor

Are your password policies strong enough?
Specops Password Auditor is a free tool that scans your Active Directory, and detects security-related weaknesses, specifically related to password policies. The tool allows IT departments to gauge their password security posture, by comparing existing password settings with industry standards and best practices. The tool also identifies vulnerabilities, such as stale admin accounts, as well as expiring/expired passwords, helping IT anticipate potential lockout/resets.

Take advantage of the FREE download and gain actionable insights on your password security.

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  • Measure password policy strength

    Drill down to the user level to see if the password policy enables strong passwords via a password relative strength test to see if passwords are strong enough to withstand brute force attacks.

    Address password compliance requirements

    See if your Active Directory password policies are meeting industry and compliance standards from Microsoft, NIST, PCI, and SANS.

    Spot vulnerable admin accounts

    Take an inventory of all admin accounts to see if they need to be removed. The tool also provides a view of stale/inactive admin accounts which pose a high security threat as an attack can go unnoticed.

    Identify other password security gaps

    Accounts that do not require passwords, accounts that do not require password complexity, accounts with expired passwords and accounts with passwords that are about to expire – to develop an action plan to curb password reset calls to the helpdesk.

    • Measure existing password policies against industry and compliance recommendations, including Microsoft, NIST, PCI, and SANS
    • Identify stale accounts using interactive features such as sliding timeline
    • Identify and anticipate password expiration and the inevitable account unlock and password reset
    • Spot accounts that do not require passwords and accounts that do not have password complexity
    • Extract insights with exportable reports
    • Use standalone tool or integrate with Specops Password Policy
  • Specops Password Auditor datasheet

    Comparing the strength of different password policies