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Authentication and password security is more important than ever. Specops Password Auditor scans your Active Directory and identifies password related vulnerabilities. The collected information generates multiple interactive reports containing user and password policy information. Specops Password Auditor is a read-only program, and available for FREE download.

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  • Get password reports

    It is time to examine your policies to understand why users are picking poor passwords. With Specops Password Auditor, you can analyze both your domain password policies, and fine-grained password policies, to see if they enable users to create secure passwords. The relative strength meter allows you to measure the effectiveness of your policies against a brute-force attack.

  • Audit Active Directory accounts

    Stale accounts, especially those with administrator privileges, are an attractive target for attackers. These accounts can access sensitive resources without detection. Specops Password Auditor provides a full view of the administrator accounts in an organization’s domain, including stale/inactive admin accounts. From a single view, you can identify problem areas that can assist your cleanup operation.

  • Align password policies with standards

    Are your password policies enabling poor practice? Specops Password Auditor generates comparison reports of the password settings in your organization, with industry standards and compliance standards from NIST, PCI, Microsoft, and SANS.

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  • Overview of password policies including change interval, dictionary enforcement, as well as relative strength
  • Identify user accounts without a minimum password length requirement
  • Identify dormant user accounts
  • Password expiration reports to curb password-related helpdesk calls
  • Use standalone or integrate with Specops Password Policy
  • Export report data to CSV for further processing

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