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Get serious about password security with technology that helps you follow best practices. Enforce password compliance requirements and help users select stronger passwords.

Manage Password Policies across your organization

Password attacks are an ongoing threat facing organizations. An effective password policy is essential to protecting the network, and sensitive data. Do you know how your existing password settings compare to best practices? Specops Password Policy allows organizations of all sizes to align with industry standards. The tool extends the functionality of Group Policy, and simplifies the management of fine-grained password policies. Specops Password Policy can target any GPO level, group, user, or computer with dictionaries and passphrase settings.

Take a segmented approach and customize your settings to the security needs of various user populations. Assign users who have access to sensitive data more complexity, without hindering usability for less privileged users. Manage password policies across your organization simply and effectively!

Specops Password Policy is a component of the Specops Password Management solution. Specops Password Management takes a holistic approach to password management that increases security, cuts costs, and extends the reach of password-based security. Whether you’re looking for a complete password management solution, or a free tool to identify security gaps, Specops Password Management can help.

Network Password Policy By Specops

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  • Block vulnerable passwords with dictionaries

    You can use a password dictionary, a file containing commonly used and/or compromised passwords, to prevent users from creating passwords that are susceptible to dictionary attacks. Password will be checked each time they are changed in Active Directory, and rejected if found in the dictionary. This increases password security by forcing users to select stronger passwords. Options include creating own custom list, importing an online dictionary list, or using a Specops provided list including Gawker (over 180,000 password hashes), LinkedIn (6.5 million passwords) and Adobe (top 100 passwords).

    Target password entropy

    Password attacks work because users are predictable. When asked to create a complex password, users follow familiar patterns. This means starting with a common word, followed by a number and/or special character. Specops Password Policy blocks common character types at the beginning/end of passwords, as well as consecutively repeated characters. To help users create stronger passwords they can remember, Specops encourages passphrases. The length of the password is an effective defense. Passphrases, a combination of words that are meaningless together, are easier to remember and harder to crack.

    Create HIPAA and PCI compliant password policies

    Some industries require password policies that align with HIPPA or PCI compliance regulations. Specops Password Policy makes compliance easy. The tool tests your custom policies to ensure that they match, or exceed these standards.

    • Multi-language support
    • Custom and online password dictionary lists and password hash dictionaries
    • Informative client messages when a user fails to meet Password Policy rules
    • Password expiration email notifications
    • Policies that are complex enough to meet the needs of end users based on business roles
    • Forbids user names, display names, specific words, consecutive characters and incremental passwords
    • Passphrase support
    • Scan for actionable Active Directory policy insights – expired passwords, stale accounts, weak/non-compliant policies
  • 3rd Party Product Reviews

    Gold Award on Techgenix.com!

    Brien Posey, “I found the software to be stable, reliable, and very responsive. I did not encounter any bugs during my review, and the software was intuitive to the point that I was able to use it without ever looking at the instructions or calling tech support.”

    Gold Award on WindowSecurity.com!

    Richard Hicks, “Specops Password Policy is an essential tool that can be leveraged by organizations large and small to greatly improve their overall security posture by granularly enforcing password policies across the enterprise. The tool is very easy to use, installs quickly, and leverages existing Windows administration procedures to implement fine-grained password policies.”

    Specops Password Policy – Enterprise password security on 4sysops.com

    Timothy Warner, “Specops Password Policy can target any GPO level, computer, user, or group population and has the added benefit of expanded password policy options, including the use of passphrases.”

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