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Get serious about password security! Enforce compliance requirements, blacklist leaked passwords, and help users create stronger passwords in Active Directory. Specops Password Policy extends the functionality of Group Policy, and simplifies the management of fine-grained password policies. The solution can target any GPO level, group, user, or computer with dictionary and passphrase settings.

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  • Block weak passwords

    Need a comprehensive list of vulnerable passwords to prevent dictionary attacks? Our password policy tool gives you many options. You can use a password dictionary, a file containing commonly used and/or compromised passwords, to prevent users from creating passwords susceptible to dictionary attacks. During a password change in Active Directory, the password check rejects any passwords found in the dictionary. With the Password Blacklist add-on, you can even check against the latest leaked lists, including more than 1 billion leaked passwords.

    Create a custom dictionary containing potential passwords relevant to your organization, including company name, location, services, and relevant acronyms. Layer the custom dictionary with a downloadable dictionary consisting of the most popular password lists, common keyboard patterns, and character substitutions (e.g. leetspeak).

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  • Create compliant password policies

    Simplify passwords for users, and place the burden on authentication systems. It has never been easier to comply with regulatory password recommendations from NIST and NCSC. With compliance driven templates, and a reporting tool to ensure they match or exceed the standards of NIST, SANS, and PCI, Specops Password Policy makes compliance a breeze.

    Do you know how your existing password policies compare to best practices? For each password policy, you can drill down and see how the settings compare to various industry standards. Measuring your policies against industry recommendations can help safeguard your organization against common password-related attacks, including brute-force, rainbow table, and dictionary.

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  • Target password entropy

    Specops Password Policy blocks common character types at the beginning/end of passwords, as well as consecutively repeated characters. To help users create stronger passwords they can actually remember, the solution supports passphrases.

    Password attacks work because users are predictable. When asked to create a complex password, users follow familiar patterns. This means starting with a common word, followed by a number and/or special character. The length of the password is an effective defense. Passphrases, a combination of words that are meaningless together, are easier to remember and harder to crack.

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  • Custom and leaked password dictionary lists and password hash dictionaries
  • Password Blacklist including more than 1 billion leaked passwords
  • Find and remove leaked passwords in your environment
  • Block the use of character substitutions (leetspeak) and keyboard patterns (including European keyboard patterns)
  • Informative client messages when a user fails to meet password policy rules
  • Length-based password expiration with email notifications
  • Block user names, display names, specific words, consecutive characters and incremental passwords
  • Passphrase support
  • Over 20 languages supported including English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese

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