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    Managing users and authentication with on-premises Active Directory for O365

    The move to Office 365 (O365) requires IT departments to make some essential decisions regarding where they want to manage users and how they want users to authentication to O365 e.g. federation, Office 365 multi-factor authentication (MFA), etc. This whitepaper examines Microsoft provided options such as the Office 365 MFA capability and compares them to…

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    Meeting Compliance Requirements in Password Security

    It is critical that organisations are able to ensure their password security policies are up to date and up to scratch – so how are organisations keeping up? The Meeting Compliance Requirements in Password Security report, examines the UK password compliance recommendations and what organizations are doing to comply.

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    Enroll and authenticate to O365 using Specops Authentication

    Specops Authentication for O365 enhances login security by extending multi-factor authentication to O365. With 15+ identity providers available during authentication, including Duo Security, Symantec VIP, Social SaaS, and various authenticator mobile apps, users will always have a secure way to access important resources.

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    IT and Password Security Survey in the UK

    Passwords are undoubtedly weak and vulnerable to attacks yet they remain the number one form of authentication. Due to this, IT departments are tasked to protect them. Specops Software and Ingenium collaborated to conduct an “IT and Password Security survey” in the UK. We asked 206 individuals from 199 unique organizations to complete a questionnaire…

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    Putting the NCSC Password Guidance into practice

    Recognized as the authoritative voice on information security in the UK, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is the UK’s newest weapon in securing IT. The NCSC has simplified their Password Guidance with just seven tips. In this whitepaper, we will: Review the NCSC Password Guidance Give you practical tips that can help shape the…

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    Specops Authentication for O365 Datasheet

    Specops Authentication for O365 is the ideal solution for organizations that need a simple approach to O365 user management and authentication. Download this datasheet to see how Specops Authentication can decrease O365 administration time, and increase login security.

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    NIST and compliance: Future-proofing your password policy

    If the multitude of mega breaches have given us anything, it is an abundance of real-life data to shape future best practices. In this whitepaper, we will: Review the new Digital Identity Guidelines from NIST Examine its impact on compliance requirements including HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and GDPR Formulate a best practice strategy for future-proofing…

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    Securing Active Directory Against Common Attacks

    Used to mirror the corporate structure of a business, Active Directory houses sensitive data for more than 90% of all organizations. While AD is designed with security in mind, its possession of the crown jewels makes it an attractive target for hackers. As attacks get more sophisticated, poor AD hygiene can put your organization at risk….

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    Office 365 Survey Report

    This report provides peer insights into the challenges of implementing Office 365 utilizing Microsoft components and functionality. Findings detailed include: Satisfaction with Office 365 MFA offerings Ease of using ADFS for Office 365 Single Sign On Willingness to utilize 3rd party for Office 365 MFA and SSO

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