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  • Specops Key Recovery Datasheet

    Specops Key Recovery is a self-service solution for unlocking computers encrypted and managed by Symantec Endpoint Encryption. A user who is locked out at the pre-boot authentication screen can use Specops Key Recovery to unlock their computer, without calling the helpdesk. For added security, users can be verified with multi-factor authentication. Download this datasheet for…

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  • Forrester report: Top Cybersecurity Threats In 2019

    With an expanding threat landscape, prioritizing resources to remediate threats has become more important than ever. This Forrester report, published in December 2018, makes predictions on top 2019 cybersecurity threats based on common attacks we saw in 2018. Get your copy of Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2019 and learn: • Common types of external attacks…

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  • Blocking weak passwords with Specops Password Blacklist and dictionaries

    With billions of credentials circulating the Dark web, it’s important to block all compromised passwords to prevent credential stuffing and other types of password attacks. Learn how you can block all weak passwords using a continuously updated list of leaked passwords and dictionaries.

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