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The holidays most likely to be found in your passwords [new data]

New update to the Breached Password Protection list and an analysis of holiday-related compromised passwords.

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Specops Password Security Software

IT security starts with strengthening the weakest link – passwords. Specops Software is a leading password management and authentication solution vendor. We protect business data by blocking weak passwords and securing user authentication. Our solutions are natively integrated with Active Directory, ensuring all sensitive data is stored on-premises.

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Introduction to Active Directory banned password lists

Jan. 13, 2021

Cloud security has become a chief concern for security admins as platforms increase in popularity. These solutions are used daily and host a vast array of resources that teams must be able to securely access from anywhere. These remote drives and repositories are critical. They hold project documentation, ecosystem data, contact information, and business intelligence. …

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Free Active Directory Auditing Tool!

Authentication and password security is more important than ever. Our password audit tool scans your Active Directory and identifies password-related vulnerabilities. The collected information generates multiple interactive reports containing user and password policy information.

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