Specops Secure Service Desk

Hackers target service desks – make sure yours is secure.

Specops Secure Service Desk lets organizations enforce secure user verification at the service desk, greatly reducing the risk of agents being exploited for cyber-attacks. Support your team by reducing their social engineering vulnerability with an easy-to-use tool. 

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Determined cybercriminals go to great lengths to target service desk agents – user verification often relies on static Active Directory data that can easily be sourced by cybercriminals in a targeted attack. Make sure agents have the support they need to fight back against social engineering. Specops Secure Service Desk helps your agents accurately enforce secure user verification at the service desk with protection from hackers. 

  • Securely enforce user authentication

    • Remove risky processes vulnerable to social engineering by enabling agents to securely authenticate all end users with forced verification  
    • Make use of end user authentication factors that are less prone to social engineering, such as 3rd party integrations (Duo, Okta, plus many more)
    • Give agents the tools to safely handle high security accounts and address compliance  
  • No end user enrollment required

    • Verify the accounts of users with existing data in Active Directory that can go beyond knowledge-based authentication  
    • Easily integrate with existing authentication services such as Duo, Okta, PingID, and Symantec VIP to verify callers from day one 
    • Make use of any combination of more than 15 MFA factors to support any user type and ensure any user, with mobile device or not, can be securely verified at the service desk 
  • Easily (and securely) unlock accounts and reset passwords

    • Protect one of the highest risk service desk calls – the password reset call – while minimizing ticket times. Agents can securely reset end user Active Directory passwords as well as force a password change at next logon, but only after the caller has been successfully verified
    • Minimize account lockout call times without sacrificing security – agents can securely unlock users accounts right from the platform, only after the user has been successfully verified  
    • Secure the agent login with a flexible MFA platform that can require any combination of MFA factors to ensure the agent is a verified user 

We’ve designed Secure Service Desk to protect helpdesk agents from social engineering attacks, while maintaining a simple end user experience.  

  • More secure user verification methods, including Okta, PingID, Symantec VIP, and Duo Security
  • Out-of-the-box support for unlocking user accounts, resetting passwords, and issuing encryption keys
  • User verification enforcement prior to a password reset or account unlock
  • Multi-language support for service desk agents and end-users
  • System usage audit and report tracking
  • Customizable user interface

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Find out how Secure Service Desk can fit with your organization and protect your helpdesk agents from cybercriminals.  

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