Organization: Cargotec
Industry: Manufacturing

Goal: Minimize loss of productivity from locked accounts and forgotten passwords.
Result: Productivity loss is minimized as users can now unlock their account and reset their password, from any internet connected device, regardless of location and time of day.
Solution: Specops uReset

One of the main challenges associated with a self-service password reset solution is user enrollment. Anticipating this challenge, Cargotec was seeking a solution that encouraged the process with familiar, yet secure, enrollment options. With Specops uReset in place, users are now able to enroll and authenticate using social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as their existing work identities such as Smart Cards. By utilizing familiar identity services, Cargotec was able to enhance the user experience, and overcome the enrollment challenge.


Tomas Lundvall: I travel quite a lot and since we have a (90 day password expiration policy), you always forget to change the password before you go on a trip. When you are at the airport, or train station (or wherever you want to use it) – you are locked out of the computer. You have to call the helpdesk and sometimes you’re on the other side of the world, and there is no possibility to reach anyone (by phone), so then you have to wait quite a long time before you can access your account again.

It’s very simple to use, I would say. You just have a link on the first page of your computer, click that one, open the authenticator in your phone, get a code, put it in, and then you write a new password, and then you’re up and running again.

Markel Thorme: We have more than 10, 000 users spread across all continents. Previously the only way to do a password reset was for the end user to either call in to the global service desk or contact local IT which was very time consuming and expensive. Today the end user can perform this password reset themselves and they can do it from any device, anywhere, as long as they are internet connected, and have enrolled to the system. That will bring them back to work again without any productivity loss.

Well uReset was selected mainly because they have all these identity features that can be used for (identity verification when performing a password reset). This means that they can use social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as an identity service that they normally use privately in their life. The main challenges with implementing a self-service password solution is really to get people enrolled and get a high percentage enrollment rate. Of course, there are some savings on the support side on the IT department, and other Global Services, but the really big savings I would say is on the end user side. The end user can get his/her password reset and up and working again quickly and easily.

Tomas Lundvall: I encourage my colleagues to enroll to the service because it’s a very good service to use. There is nothing that takes any time. Basically, you just click it and go.

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