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Specops Password Policy

Understanding Active Directory Password Expiration with Specops Password Policy

In this article we will review how to predict when users’ passwords will expire when affected by a Specops Password Policy, as well as troubleshoot if passwords are not expiring when expected. In general, it is good to be aware that any Active Directory native tools for password expiration will not be aware of Specops...

Invalid license key

Version mismatch The error message can appear if there’s a version mismatch. If for instance the version of the installed product is 6.x and the license key that you’re trying to import is for version 7.x then this can occur. You can find out by comparing the name of the license key text file (it...

License key error, attempted to perform an unauthorized operation

This usually means that you’re not authorized to import the license key file. Make sure that you’re logged in with a domain administrator account on the machine. Close the Password Policy Domain Administration tool, open it again by right clicking its icon and select “Run as administrator”. Now try again to import the license key.

Unable to Delete Users with Leaf Objects

Specops Password Policy, Password Reset, and uReset/Specops Authentication all use leaf objects under user accounts for the purposes of storing user specific information — for Password Policy this includes password history and length-based password age information; for Password Reset and uReset/Specops Authentication the leaf object contains user enrollment data. The advantage of using a leaf...

Specops Is Not Accurately Displaying my Domain Password Policy or Fine-Grained Password Policy

In Specops Password policy administrative tools or in Specops uReset/Password Reset you may find that the displayed password policy rules from Active Directory do not appear accurate. All Specops password products respect both the default and fine-grained password policies as configured in Active Directory and are displayed by reading the relevant configuration attributes directly from...

How to Configure a Firewall for Specops Breached Password Protection (formerly Blacklist)

Specops Breached Password Protection (formerly Blacklist) is used to prevent breached passwords from being used in your environment. Connectivity to the following URLs or IP addresses is required (note that firewall SSL inspection is not supported – SSL inspection exceptions to the following URLs or IP addresses will also need to be configured). Please see...

Wrapping Custom Credential Provider using the Registry

While we recommend using the client ADMX template, often for testing or remote users we must create the registry keys that the ADMX would create through some other means. For specifying which credential provider to wrap, create the following string value in the registry: Change the GUID value to the appropriate GUID for the credential...

No enrollment policy configured

The Specops Password Policy GPO, configured with the Specops Password Reset user settings do not apply to the user account object in AD. Our suggestion is to open Active directory User & Computers and locate the current user account object. Next, look in Group Policy Management. Is the Specops Password Reset user GPO linked to...

“Invalid License File” error in the Domain Administration Tool

Possible cause Version mismatch between Administration Tool and license key. Possible solution Contact Specops Support for correct license file version.

Cannot view the sentinel state in the domain administration tool

Possible cause The person running the tool is unable to connect to the admin share on the DCs. Possible solution Ensure that the user running the Domain Administration Tool has the appropriate rights to monitor the status.
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