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Specops Deploy OS

Resolving UEFI/BIOS error caused by new ADK (v. 2004) issue

Due to code changes in Windows ADK 10 v2004, the MDT utility (Microsoft.BDD.Utility.dll) that identifies BIOS or UEFI firmware types no longer works correctly, and identifies BIOS-based machines as UEFI-based machines. Symptom Deployments will fail with the following error: FAILURE (5616): 15299: Verify BCDBootExLitetouch deployment failed, Return Code = -2147467259 0x80004005Failed to save environment to...

Windows Pre-installation environment (WinPE) fails

Possible cause Certain OS components, like device drivers, that are a required for WinPE to work, may not be present. WinPE cannot connect to the Deployment Share of your Deployment Server. Possible solution The required drivers are pre-loaded in the boot image and may need to be added to the driver repository. The version of...

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Could not connect to net.tcp://computer.domain.local:4375/ Specopssoft.OSDeploy/DeploymentServer. The connection attempt lasted for a time span of 00:00:01.0010531. TCP error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it Possible cause When adding a remote deployment server, the tcp communications is required to establish communications to the specified port. The timeout will...

Getting Specops Deploy working with UEFI

For getting Specops Deploy working with UEFI, here’s what you need to know: Use IP helper addresses on your switches/routers instead of DHCP Options 66/67 – Option 66/67 requires that you set a boot file name and it can only be a BIOS or a UEFI file. Simply setting an IP helper address for the...

Drivers missing

Possible cause The required drivers have not been added to the driver repository. The WMI name for the Make and Model of the computer may not have matched correctly during installation. Possible solution Add the drivers to the driver repository. Visit your computer’s manufacturer’s website to download the drivers you want to import. If you...

PXE boot error: ‘No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers received.’

The client machine doesn’t retrieve an IP adress. This is happening very early on in the deployment process, before Specops Deploy is seriously involved and the connection with the Deployment server/WDS is established. This is most likely a network related issue and we recommend to start with the simplest thing: to check your physical network...

Connection timeout

Possible cause The configured timeout value is too short. Possible solution Increase the operation timeout value, using the registry settings:

“Access is Denied” error when importing an OS from DVD

Possible cause McAffee Antivirus Possible solution Either disable McAffee Antivirus Realtime Protection while you do the import, or setup exclusions of the DVD Drive and Specops Deploy repository folder.

PXE booting fails

Possible cause Network switches may not be configured properly. This does not allow the clients to discover all available Deployment Servers by broadcasting. Possible solution Your network switches must be properly configured to work with PXE.

When migrating User State from Windows XP an error occurs where a file cannot be found

Possible cause MDT 2012 cannot find the USMT file for Windows XP because MDT 2012 unpacks the USMT5 files and Windows XP expects USMT3. Possible solution You will need to create a USMT3 folder in DeploymentShareToolsX86 and unpack the CAB file into this folder. Create a folder called USMT3 in .Deplyoment Repositorytoolsx86 Note: There is already a directory...
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