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How to do In-place upgrades with Specops Deploy OS

Here follows instructions on how to perform an in-place upgrade with Specops Deploy OS.

This is for Windows 10 1909 in-place upgrades but the same steps goes for any Operative System. Keep in mind that all Specops components must be of version 7.0.19283.1 or later for 1909, if this will be used for 20H2 in-place upgrades we suggest running our latest version (v.7.0.20296.3).

  1. In the admin tool: Import the original source Image for Windows 10 1909

2. Edit your Specops Deploy OS group policy that’s being used for your OS deployments.

Go to the “Operating System” tab and at “Image for in-place upgrade” select your newly imported  Windows 10 1909 image. Don’t forget to click on “Save” when it has been added.

3. If you now in Active Directory Users & Computers right-click a computer object that has this policy applied, select “Operating System: Reinstall…” and then tick the “Default” box and click “next, next.. finish”. It will then after a gpupdate on the machine begin an in-place upgrade to 1909.  The upgrade is initiated by the installed Specops client side extension on the machine so it Is important that the latest version of it is installed or the in-place upgrade might fail.   

Publication date: May 11, 2021
Modification date: May 11, 2021

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