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How the Specops Deploy licenses are being counted and how to free up seats.

The license count

The requirements that needs to be fulfilled for taking up a license seat are that the Specops Client Side Extension is installed on the machine and that a Specops Deploy configured group policy Is applied to its computer object in Active Directory.

After a group policy update on the machine a computer record will be created in the Specops database and it will take up a license.

How to free up license seats

Open Specops Configuration on your Specops Deploy server, select the “Specops Deploy / App” tab and then “Computers”.

Sometimes old inactive machines are still taking up license seats, with this tool you can free up seats by deleting computer records from the list. A computer record equals one taken seat. Specops Deploy OS and App uses the same license key so these computer records (or license seats) are for both products.

Click the “Search” button to get a list of all your computer records or narrow down the search result by filling in “Numbers of days of inactivity” and/or “Computer name”. Select computers in the list and click on “Delete Selected Computer Records”. You can select multiple computer records in the list by holding down the shift key and click on the Arrow or the Page Down/Up keys.

It’s completely safe to delete all the computer records in the list. When the list Is empty the total number of used seats should be 0 at the “License” tab. Eventually the list will be filled up with new computer records as group policy updates occurs on all your machines that still fulfils the requirements for taking up a license seat.

Publication date: April 15, 2021
Modification date: June 29, 2022

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