Upgrading Windows ADK to Version 1703 (known issue)

(Last updated on February 5, 2021)

The latest version of Windows ADK was released on April 2017. The ADK supports Windows Deployments with 1703 and earlier.

More details on changes and release notes for ADK 1703

While there are some changes to core components that support the latest Window release, there is also a known issue, at the time of publishing this blog, which is worth mentioning.

Some Drivers and Secure Boot do not mix.

The Program Compatibility Assistant dialog displays the following:

ADK1703 error

Drivers Affected:

Winmount.sys – Used by DISM to mount and unmount volumes.

Wofadk.sys – used when applying WIM images in compact mode, as well as single-instancing installed customization with what’s in the scanstate package.

Scenarios impacted:

  • Mount and unmount operations on Secure Boot enabled systems.
  • DISM Apply options when /Compact switch option is used
  • DISM apply of scanstate package using /Compact or /Singleinstance options

While these scenarios do not affect all operations, it would alleviate any issues that interoperate with DISM commands built into the Specops task sequences and User State Migration settings that are used for Rebuild and replace scenarios.

Workaround – Disable Secure boot on the ADK Deployment server and ensure Secure Boot is disabled when running DISM compact or SingleInstance Options.

Click here for information on How to disable secure boot.


Written by

Ivan Avelancio

Product Specialist, Specops Software

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