Configuring the OSX guest user feature for Password Resets

(Last updated on August 2, 2018)

There are many reasons to set up guest accounts for your Mac users. By enabling end-users to logon to the Mac operating system, with limited functionality (as configured via Parental Controls), the feature can facilitate the password reset process with a browser.

To enable guest accounts, use the Apple Menu to browse to System Preferences, Users & Groups, and select Allow guests to log in to this computer. This enables users to log in without entering a password. Once the account is enabled, you can specify which applications can be accessed via Parental Controls. For Specops uReset users we recommend restricting access to a Web Browser with the Specops uReset URL.

You can export the Parental Control policy with the following command:

dscl . -mcxexport /Users/Guest -o /pathtofile/parental_controls.plist

You can import the Parental Control policy on another computer with the following command:

dscl . -mcximport /Users/Guest /pathtofile/parental_controls.plist

You can also provide password reset instructions to end-users, from the login screen, using the following command:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ LoginwindowText -string "Forgot your password? Login using the Guest Account, open Safari, and visit to reset your password."


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