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May The Force stay far far away from your AD #StarWarsDay

It’s back and better than ever! We’re celebrating #StarWarsDay with an updated list of the most used Star Wars themed passwords that top the Specops Breached Password Protection list. The Specops Breached Password Protection database includes the HaveIBeenPwned list,... Read More

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Cyber insurance requirements for Active Directory

If you’ve noticed that your organization’s cyber insurance premiums have increased over the last year, you’re not alone. With evolving cyber threats, the rise in ransomware attacks, and the ubiquity of hybrid and remote workforces, insurers are responding by... Read More

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Stale user accounts report in Active Directory

Stale (inactive) user accounts in Active Directory can provide attackers (and former employees) with an easy path into a corporate network. Even if the stale user account is not a privileged account, it can be used for privilege escalation... Read More

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Keep MFA running during identity service disruptions

Specops Authentication is the MFA platform that secures password resets, and encryption key recoveries via self-service, and/or at the IT service desk. One of the unique features in the Specops Authentication platform is the flexible MFA. This feature keeps... Read More