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What is Active Directory? A brief overview…

Active Directory, commonly referred to as AD (not to be confused with Azure AD) was developed by Microsoft and first released as a centralized domain directory service with Windows 2000 Server Edition. Since its original release, AD has gone... Read More

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Active Directory privilege escalation

There is no shortage of vulnerabilities and risks in today’s digital world. Attackers are using any way possible to compromise business-critical data. However, one of the prevalent ways cybercriminals can get a foothold into your environment is by compromising... Read More

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TCP port 21 FTP vulnerabilities

Since the birth of the Internet, one of the exciting capabilities it has enabled is the ability to transfer data from one place to another over long distances. One of the first protocols designed for transferring files from one... Read More

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Corporate account takeover attacks and prevention

Corporate account takeover is a form of identity theft, wherein an unauthorized entity steals and assumes an employee’s digital identity, to perform actions on behalf of that user, while remaining undetected. The popularity of corporate account takeover attacks lies in their afforded safeguards for bad actors.... Read More