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Microsoft transitions NTLM to Kerberos in Windows to boost security 

Windows authentication is a process that’s been around for decades. Unsurprisingly, attackers often target this authentication mechanism, preying upon weaknesses and vulnerabilities as they crop up. To help secure Windows authentication, Microsoft recently announced it was deprecating reliance on... Read More

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Default account lockout policies in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the newest and generally most secure operating system in the Windows family. In the newest iteration of Windows, there are default account lockout policies that exist to mitigate RDP and other brute force password vectors. Brute... Read More

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How to delegate password reset permissions in Active Directory

Least privilege access is a crucial part of security that protects against overprovisioning user permissions. Even with IT technicians, and junior administrators, this needs to be considered when configuring permissions in the environment. A case in point is helpdesk... Read More

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TCP port 21 FTP vulnerabilities

Since the birth of the Internet, one of the exciting capabilities it has enabled is the ability to transfer data from one place to another over long distances. One of the first protocols designed for transferring files from one... Read More

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Open ports and their vulnerabilities

One of the age-old tenets of good network security is only open network ports that are necessary and make sure you have protection around any port open to the outside world.    Open ports provide attackers with an opportunity to compromise... Read More

How to unlock active directory account lockouts

There is no question that one of the most common tasks that helpdesk and IT admins carry out on a daily basis is user account management.  Specifically, triaging user account issues in an Active Directory domain environment takes a... Read More