Impersonation attacks cybersquatting

What is cybersquatting and how can you protect your brand?

Impersonation fraud is one of the biggest threats facing today’s businesses — and the threat continues to grow. In fact, the US Federal Trade Commission reports that impersonation attacks, which includes misleading domain names (also known as cybersquatting), are increasing... Read More

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Keep MFA running during identity service disruptions

Specops Authentication is the MFA platform that secures password resets, and encryption key recoveries via self-service, and/or at the IT service desk. One of the unique features in the Specops Authentication platform is the flexible MFA. This feature keeps... Read More

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Specops Authentication Releases: 2022 Highlights

Specops Authentication is our platform that secures self-service key recovery and password resets, changes and account unlocks with multi-factor authentication (MFA), via self-service and/or at the IT service desk. The platform powers products like Specops uReset, Specops Secure Service Desk and Specops Key... Read More

Specops Authentication enrollment data in Active Directory

The Specops Authentication cloud platform is unique in that user data is stored in the customer’s on-prem Active Directory database. Usernames, passwords, and enrollment data/proofs for the various Identity Services provided by Specops Authentication are stored in the customer’s... Read More