Password Management

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How to force password changes at next logon in Azure AD

Azure AD (soon to be Entra ID) is the central component for identity and access management in Microsoft Azure, and by extension, Microsoft 365. Managing users and passwords for organization accounts requires understanding how Azure AD handles password changes,... Read More

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Aligning password policies with cybersecurity KPIs 

As an IT pro, you’re tasked with measuring (and ultimately proving) the value of your cybersecurity investments. But how do you show that your security efforts and expenditures have the desired effect? One way is by aligning your cybersecurity... Read More

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Password reuse: A hidden danger you can’t ignore

Reusing passwords is common, despite years of warnings to end users. It’s a problem that’s difficult for IT teams to get a handle on, especially if people are reusing work passwords at home. This means a breach elsewhere can... Read More

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Enable Azure AD Password Protection in a hybrid environment 

With default Active Directory password policies, many organizations find that users create weak, easily guessed, or incremental passwords that attackers can easily compromise. Using Azure AD Password Protection, organizations can have an additional layer of security for users’ passwords.  ... Read More

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What are password mask attacks?

Mask attacks are a targeted brute-force technique used by bad actors to crack passwords. Traditional brute-force attacks systematically try every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to guess a target password. With mask attacks, the goal is to... Read More