Password Management

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What are password mask attacks?

Mask attacks are a targeted brute-force technique used by bad actors to crack passwords. Traditional brute-force attacks systematically try every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to guess a target password. With mask attacks, the goal is to... Read More

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Service account password rotation

Service accounts are the unseen heroes of your organization’s architecture – they keep critical services running. While most organizations are generally aware of the sensitive nature of service accounts, password practices can still be poor. It is not uncommon... Read More

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How to recover from a ransomware attack

It is arguably one of the most dreaded words for any organization today – ransomware. Ransomware can bring a bustling, thriving, profitable business to its knees in hours. The aftermath can lead to a ripple effect of lost revenue,... Read More

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Ransomware Attacks 101 – from Wannacry to Darkside

Think of ransomware attacks as virtual kidnapping. Ransomware actors use encryption to hold your devices’ functions and files hostage or lock you out of your system. Then they request a ransom for its release. These actors are mostly motivated... Read More