Sysprep Capture of Windows 10 fails

Since November 2015, the ISO of Windows 10 has included more “modern” applications in its default build. This has caused some problems when trying to capture an image using SYSPREP. Some of the applications are 3rd party such as... Read More

keeping a golden image up-to-date

Keep your corporate golden image golden

Trying to keep a golden image up-to-date is a challenge many IT administrators struggle with. But it’s a necessity since updating the image with patches and settings means you shorten the time your users need to wait. There’s a... Read More

Disallow special characters in Specops Password Policy

Disallow special characters in Specops Password Policy

In this post, we will demonstrate how to disallow the use of special characters in passwords, in this case Swedish character, by using the “regular expression” setting in Specops Password Policy. Before getting started, ensure that you have installed... Read More

Adobe Reader best practices for desktop management with App Deploy

Adobe Reader best practices with App Deploy

A customer recently asked me: What is the best way to handle all of the numerous Adobe updates?  After the initial install, updates may be required quite frequently.  How do you manage it?  I turned to my colleague Johan... Read More