Enable .Net in your client OS

.NET is a programming framework created by Microsoft that developers can use to easily create applications. .Net applications are commonly used by desktop and web services. The .Net framework must be installed on your client machine in order to run .Net applications. .Net 3.51 is not installed natively as a part of the OS. Administrators will need to enable this feature manually.

With Specops Deploy/OS, you are able to enable this feature through the Custom MDT Properties of your Deploy/OS group policy object. By doing this, .Net 3.51 will be installed on your client machines by the time you log in the first time.

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Console and edit your Deploy/OS GPO:
  2. Click Add and enter following three variables and values hitting OK after each entry:
    Variable Name: SkipRoles ; Value: YES
    Variable Name: OSFeatures ; Value: NetFX3
    Variable Name: WindowsSource ; Value: Path to your windows source files
    Add Variable

  3. Click Save when you are done.

Through the simple GUI interface that your OS\Deploy admin tools provides, you are able to edit the task sequence in MDT to make enabling this feature part of your Operating System Deployment. For other ways to use the Custom MDT properties tab, see:

(Last updated on October 30, 2023)

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