3 Fehler, die es bei Active Directory zu vermeiden gilt

Vor einigen Monaten haben wir unsere IT-Kollegen von/bei (auf) Spiceworks gebeten, uns dabei zu helfen, einige häufige Fehler, die neue Administratoren machen, zu identifizieren. Bei mehr als 100 Antworten gab es einige eindeutige Muster – oder vielleicht sollte ich sagen: Fehler. Davon... Read More

Specops Software

Specops Software acquired by Monterro

Stockholm, August 21, 2019 – Specops Software is excited to announce that the equity investment firm, Monterro has become the majority owner of Specops Software. Specops Software and Monterro jointly see the acquisition as a great opportunity for accelerated... Read More

Unencrypted biometrics reveal massive risk

Security researchers gained access to more than 27.8 million records, including fingerprints, facial recognition data, usernames and passwords, in the mostly unencrypted and unhashed Biostar 2 database. Biostar 2 is a web-based biometrics locking system used for physical security... Read More

CJIS Password Policy

CJIS Password Policy Requirements

The CJIS Password Policy requirements include maintaining a list of “banned passwords” with values known to be commonly used, expected, or compromised. Read More

GDPR encryption requirements

Encryption is a necessary component of an organization’s security policy. The GDPR encryption requirements consistently call for "appropriate technical" and "organizational measures." Read More

Password length best practices

A long password is a strong password, however it’s still not any good if it contains your username or other easily guessable words. This blog explains how you can enforce password length alongside other best practices. Read More