What to expect during your next penetration test

For some businesses, vulnerability and penetration testing is a deeply-ingrained process that just works. However, for many others, this exercise is less known – arguably a mysterious, if not a downright scary aspect of running an information security program.... Read More

Regular Expressions for password complexity

Specops Password Policy contains a number of granular complexity, history, and dictionary requirements for passwords.  However, we cannot always anticipate every customer’s unique password requirements.  In order to give our customers the flexibility to set unique rules for passwords... Read More

PCI password security checklist

35% unsure if they follow UK password compliance

The InsideTech report, Meeting Compliance Requirements in Password Security, examines the UK password compliance recommendations and what organizations are doing to comply. Recently Bill Burr, the father of passwords and author of the 2003 password security guidelines for NIST,... Read More

Specops password dictionary overview and best practice

As long as users continue using common/predictable passwords, dictionary attacks will continue to work. However, hackers are not the only ones who can take advantage of password predictability. The best protection against a dictionary attack is using a dictionary... Read More