How to deploy a MSI package with Group Policy?

Group Policy Software Installation (GPSI) was once hailed as a great incentive for all organizations to upgrade their NT4 domains to Active Directory.  It meant that there was no longer a need for those complex application deployment tools, it... Read More

Healthcare encryption standards

Protecting personal health data from unauthorized access is an essential part of HIPAA. Yet, even with stolen devices causing 45% of healthcare data breaches, many health organizations still don’t have encryption measures in place. Read More

How to enforce password history in Active Directory

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So generieren Mitarbeiter sichere Passwörter

Das größte Risiko für die Cybersicherheit in Unternehmen sind die eigenen Mitarbeiter. Das sagen immerhin 75 Prozent der Führungskräfte in Deutschlands Unternehmen. Vor allem der oft leichtfertige Umgang der Mitarbeiter mit Firmen- und Zugangsdaten stellt eine „große“ oder – für... Read More