The most searched for programming languages around the world

As the employment market becomes more competitive, self-taught skills and experience have become increasingly valuable across the globe, and programming languages are no exception. In fact, our latest research found that thousands of individuals are looking to teach themselves... Read More

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Understanding the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

Long-standing information security best practices, frameworks, and regulations are a reliable means for ensuring that networks are resilient, and information remains secure. Still, oftentimes organizations and individuals will have their own interpretation of such security practices but that may... Read More

How to configure the NCSC password list in AD

Passwords are one of the weakest links when it comes to ensuring that your environment is secure.  Traditional user accounts and the associated passwords have long been the default security mechanism found in most environments.  With the very advanced... Read More

Bulk Modify Active Directory User Attributes

How to bulk modify Active Directory user attributes

Active Directory attributes often contain a wealth of information about users, including their phone numbers, department, location, and much more. Even so, this information is only valid if it is kept up-to-date. Sometimes this means updating an individual attribute,... Read More

Finding Active Directory passwords set to never expire

Passwords set to never expire can be a security vulnerability for your network. Some regulatory bodies require passwords to expire every 90 days, while others recommend setting passwords to never expire – as long as other protocols are in... Read More

The Most Common Football Team Names Found in Breached Passwords

STOCKHOLM – If the Superbowl winner could be predicted by breached password lists, the Los Angeles Rams would be this season’s winner. Today, Specops Software released an update to the Breached Password Protection list and of a recent analysis of sports-related compromised passwords.   “With the NFL season beginning in the... Read More


Active Directory weak password checker

One of the most important things that system administrators can do to keep their network resources secure is to require users to use strong passwords. After all, long and complex passwords are far less prone to being breached than... Read More

Password policy enforcement

Password policy enforcement

One of the most critical things that organizations must do in order to ensure the security of their user accounts is to establish a strong password policy, and then ensure that the policy is being enforced. The Windows operating... Read More