SSPR registration reminder

SSPR registration challenges & solutions

As most organizations today are settling into providing remote work solutions to employees, common service desk tasks can become even more challenging for help desk professionals.  This can include password resets, forgotten passwords, locked accounts, and other issues related... Read More

Shared user accounts and password resets in Active Directory

Under normal circumstances, every user in your organization should have their own unique account, and password. However, in some environments like retail, restaurant, or engineering, you might have a shared “kiosk” machine. This can be a store till, reception... Read More

Security at the Helpdesk

IT departments have always invested heavily in making sure that their systems are able to positively confirm user identities prior to granting users access to sensitive resources. Not surprisingly, there are any number of mechanisms available for authenticating users.... Read More

Active directory default password

How to find default passwords in Active Directory

What causes identical or default passwords in Active Directory, and how can you find them? A lot of organizations script the creation of new user accounts to standardize, simplify, and speed up the process. Unfortunately, this can also leave... Read More

How to check password requirements in Active Directory

Active Directory password policies are not always what they seem – often there are discrepancies on settings such as password complexity, maximum password age, or long-forgotten Fine-Grained Password Policies configured in the domain. In this blog post we will review... Read More

Resetting the clock on Active Directory password expiration

I recently worked with a customer who was implementing Specops Password Policy with Length-Based password aging. Usually we see customers use this to extend their maximum password age, for example: the current Active Directory maximum password age is 90 days;... Read More