Device encryption and compliance

Most companies want to protect data at rest on devices that are susceptible to theft. This will ensure that the data is inaccessible even if the hard drive is removed and replaced in another machine. Yet, lost and stolen... Read More

Common mistakes with endpoint encryption

Endpoint encryption is one of the cornerstones to securing data but it can introduce new challenges which can result in costly mistakes. Encryption is the process of changing information to make it unreadable without a proper authentication key. Administrators... Read More

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Specops Password Reset price

Do you need a self-service solution to enable employee password resets in Active Directory? You are likely familiar with the cost-savings, usability, and security benefits of our password reset solution, now you need to know how much it costs.... Read More

How to prevent authentication hacking attacks

Long gone are the days of traditional passwords to access devices or sensitive details, like a bank account. Over the years, features have evolved drastically allowing us to access our information using our fingerprint or face recognition. But for... Read More

Specops introduces Secure Service Desk

Verify user identity at the service desk before unlocking accounts and resetting passwords. Secure Service Desk is a tool that can tell you if callers are who they say they are. Read More