Celebrate World Password Day with a password audit

May 5, 2022 marks the ninth anniversary of World Password Day, an event created by Intel to raise awareness about the importance of strong passwords. For more than 60 years we have relied on passwords to secure our personal... Read More

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Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act

The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) was recently signed, making it the second state that has signed a consumer privacy regulation into law. This legislation follows what was implemented in California by way of the California Consumer Privacy... Read More

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NIST MFA guidelines

End-user passwords are often the weakest link in IT security, providing the path of least resistance for an attacker looking to penetrate business systems. Users commonly choose easy to remember, and consequently, easy to compromise passwords. In IBM’s Cost... Read More

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Active Directory reversible encryption explained

If you have administered password policies in Active Directory or looked at the local policies present in the Windows client operating system, you may have noticed an interesting setting contained in the Account policies section. The setting is Store... Read More

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Nvidia leak shows weak passwords in use [new data]

Cyber-criminal group LAPSUS$ claimed GPU manufacturer Nvidia as one of its latest breach victims at the end of February. The news of the breach made headlines in the past few weeks, including details that employee passwords were leaked. The... Read More

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Active Directory privilege escalation

There is no shortage of vulnerabilities and risks in today’s digital world. Attackers are using any way possible to compromise business-critical data. However, one of the prevalent ways cybercriminals can get a foothold into your environment is by compromising... Read More