keeping a golden image up-to-date

Keep your corporate golden image golden

Trying to keep a golden image up-to-date is a challenge many IT administrators struggle with. But it’s a necessity since updating the image with patches and settings means you shorten the time your users need to wait. There’s a... Read More

Test Driver Lookup 1

How to find the right drivers in OS deployment

When you are deploying an operating system in Specops Deploy, you start with creating the make, model and OS driver folders tree. Many people want to jump to importing drivers, but it’s important to understand how to find the... Read More

specops software logo

Things to do before a Capture

Doing a Capture and creating a new image to deploy to your clients is quite straight forward with Specops Deploy (and also a clean MDT, this is not Specops Deploy specific). Just install a client, patch it and then... Read More