5 reasons why passwords are not dead

5 reasons why passwords are not dead

Bill Gates famously predicted the demise of passwords in 2004 and envisioned a world of Smart Cards and RSA SecureID. Twelve years later, why are password still around? Nothing better has managed to replace them. Alternatives show promise but... Read More

100% password reset adoption in Higher Ed

Achieve 100% password reset adoption in Higher Ed

Getting students to enroll in a self-service password reset system can be one of the most challenging aspects of implementing a new solution. For higher education organization, the sheer volume of new students each semester makes this a daunting... Read More

Better password security with multi-factor authentication

Who knows the answers to your security questions?

Security questions, also known as challenge questions or secret questions, are a way to help you recover access to accounts when you forget your passwords. Security questions are meant to protect your accounts but they can actually provide hackers... Read More

Multi-factor authentication gains widespread acceptance

Multi-factor authentication is already widely used by financial institutions and web services that have suffered attacks. Companies are turning to multiple forms of authentication to protect access to sensitive information. Various high-profile hacks and breaches over the past few... Read More

Lessons we learned from the Sony Entertainment hack

Over the past few weeks, an unfortunate incident has dominated the headlines –the Sony Entertainment hack. While we are still unclear of how the hacker gained access to Sony’s computer systems, we know this much – the irreparable damage... Read More

6 password security tips from the pros

It seems like a month has not gone by without news about cyber-attacks. In the past few months we have witnessed high-profile cyber-attacks on Adobe, eBay, and Target that have exposed millions of records. This graphic shows you the... Read More