WDS Multicast Configuration

When I’m doing a new Specops OS Deploy installation for a customer I’m always asking if they will be using Multicast and if they have it enabled/configured in the network. And I’m also recommending our customers to use Windows... Read More

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Ports used by Specops Deploy

For those of you with strict networking rules and firewalls controlling traffic between client and servers, for example using Microsoft Domain & Server Isolation, here is a list of all needed ports for Specops Deploy, grouped by the different... Read More

How to automatically pre-stage unknown computers

I got an email from a customer asking if it’s somehow possible to install new computers without Pre-Staging them first. There is an interesting problem with a scenario like that. How do you distinguish between Unknown Clients that you... Read More

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WDS Debug Flags

Shay posted a list of Specops Debug keys here. When troubleshooting PXE problems related to OS Deployment it’s also useful to enable these regkeys: From: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/936625/en-us  To obtain trace information, you must enable tracing in the Windows Deployment Services server... Read More

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Things to do before a Capture

Doing a Capture and creating a new image to deploy to your clients is quite straight forward with Specops Deploy (and also a clean MDT, this is not Specops Deploy specific). Just install a client, patch it and then... Read More

Windows 7 Screen Resolution defaults to 1024×768

Windows 7 will detect the most optimal screen resolution during the setup. But when you deploy your Windows 7 clients, you might have noticed that the Screen Resolution is 1024×768? Which usually is not the most optimal resolution. How... Read More