How to deploy Office 365 with Specops Deploy

How to deploy Office 365 with Specops Deploy

Many customers have asked me how to deploy Office 365 so I’ve put together this how-to guide showing how to deploy the application Office 365 Click-to-Run with Specops Deploy App. First you need to download Office 2016 deployment tool... Read More

Customize the Windows 10 start menu before deployment

Customize the Windows 10 start menu

If you are ready to install Windows 10, stop for a minute to find out how you customize the Windows 10 start menu. You will save yourself time and avoid a major hassle for your end users. We love... Read More

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Press release: Specops Software Supports Deployment of Windows 10

Specops Deploy 6.0 supports deployment of all current Windows operating systems, including Windows 10. Specops Deploy 6.0 now available Supports deployment of Windows 10 Supports Windows Defender management Stockholm, Sweden – October 20, 2015. Specops Software announced today support... Read More

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How to find the right drivers in OS deployment

When you are deploying an operating system in Specops Deploy, you start with creating the make, model and OS driver folders tree. Many people want to jump to importing drivers, but it’s important to understand how to find the... Read More

How to deploy Java 8

We get a lot of questions from customers wondering how to deploy Java 8 to their client computers. Most people just want to add the Java support and get rid of the automatic update feature so that the clients... Read More

Naming convention for MDT images

Naming MDT images

I have been to many customers’ sites and have seen many different naming conventions for MDT images. Naming MDT images is a challenge for many IT Pros that can be easily avoided with a simple and effective naming convention. You... Read More

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Install Silverlight using MDT

Silverlight is a free Microsoft plug-in, powered by the .NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems. While it is not a part of your native operating system, it contains a new degree of interactivity for... Read More

Application deployment without repackaging

Application deployment without repackaging

IT administrators working in a complex environment usually have to manage a large portfolio of applications. A lot of times you have to repackage applications to simplify deployment, especially when you update images, customize installations and work with legacy applications that... Read More

zero touch deployment for Lab computers

Reimage the entire lab remotely with zero touch deployment

Computer labs require daily or weekly refreshes. Wouldn’t it be nice to remotely reinstall OS, distribute applications, lockdown lab computers against viruses without physically going to every computer when you have to do something? Sometimes you just don’t have... Read More