Leetspeak passwords – predictable and crackable

Leetspeak enables users to create passwords that are easy to remember, and easy crack. By preventing users from utilizing character substitution during password creation, Specops Password Policy can guide users towards stronger passwords. Read More

PCI password security checklist

35% unsure if they follow UK password compliance

The InsideTech report, Meeting Compliance Requirements in Password Security, examines the UK password compliance recommendations and what organizations are doing to comply. Recently Bill Burr, the father of passwords and author of the 2003 password security guidelines for NIST,... Read More

Cyber security tips to protect your organization

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Weighted identities are the future of MFA

There’s a new sheriff in town Allow me to embellish – how else can you describe the sense of security one feels when the words Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are uttered. With data breaches, system failures, and identity theft thickening... Read More