Password length best practices

A long password is a strong password, however it’s still not any good if it contains your username or other easily guessable words. This blog explains how you can enforce password length alongside other best practices. Read More

3 passphrase best practices

A strong password is long and complex. Adding upper case, numbers, and special characters make it harder to crack. However, considering user behavior, complex passwords have proven too difficult to remember. To cope with complexity requirements, users default to... Read More

The do’s and don’ts of passwords

And the saga continues. Every month it seems, there is a new hacking scandal being publicized. Whether it’s a massive password leak or an email server being hacked, this type of news coverage almost seems to be on a... Read More

Increase password security by reducing human errors

According to the IBM Security Services 2015 Cyber Security Intelligence Index report, over 95 percent of all incidents investigated involve human error.  While organizations employ a plethora of security policies and invest in defensive security tools to mitigate the... Read More

How secure is my password

Don’t fall victim to a password attack

Practically every online system requires a password these days. Passwords are often the only thing standing between a hacker and the data we try to protect. Many people understand the importance of having strong passwords and try to create... Read More

Create a secure password you can actually remember

A strong password is long and complex. Adding spaces, upper case, and special characters make it harder to crack.  But if you take user behavior into consideration, it is unrealistic to expect them to create and remember long passwords... Read More