PXE-e18: Server response timeout

I was imaging some recently purchased machines with a Specops Deploy client, but no matter which machine we worked on, we would get a PXE-e18 timeout error. No response from Windows Deployment server. All the boot files were present... Read More

Where can I find my driver on WinPE?

Where can I find my driver on WinPE?

You may receive a “A connection to the deployment share couldn’t not be made. The following networking device did not have a driver installed.” wizard error if you import the wrong driver, or are missing the driver on WinPE.... Read More

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How to find the right drivers in OS deployment

When you are deploying an operating system in Specops Deploy, you start with creating the make, model and OS driver folders tree. Many people want to jump to importing drivers, but it’s important to understand how to find the... Read More

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Press release: Specops Deploy enables mobile workforce

Specops Deploy 5.0 supports UEFI and Windows 8.1 Mobile workforce can access PC software One deployment solution for Windows XP to Windows 8.1 Stockholm, Sweden –  February 4, 2014. Specops Software announced today the release of Specops Deploy 5.0... Read More

Access is Denied during OS Deployment

Problem: You receive an “Access is Denied” “Press OK (Enter) to shutdown (automatic shutdown in 10 minutes).” message on your client during an OS Deployment. This happens very early in the process, right when the client should report progress... Read More

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WDS Debug Flags

Shay posted a list of Specops Debug keys here. When troubleshooting PXE problems related to OS Deployment it’s also useful to enable these regkeys: From: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/936625/en-us  To obtain trace information, you must enable tracing in the Windows Deployment Services server... Read More