Deploy / OS Training Series (part 2): Installation

Welcome to part 2 of the Specops Deploy / OS training series. In part 1, we provided an overview of the environmental preparations. In this post, we will provide some supplemental information that can be used alongside the installation guide.... Read More

Edit group policy

Default Reinstall: What customers are asking

What data is saved with a default reinstall? A question that customers often ask is what data is saved with a default reinstall?  The profile data is my usual answer.  Then I had a debate with my colleague Johan... Read More

Where can I find my driver on WinPE?

Where can I find my driver on WinPE?

You may receive a “A connection to the deployment share couldn’t not be made. The following networking device did not have a driver installed.” wizard error if you import the wrong driver, or are missing the driver on WinPE.... Read More

WDS Multicast Configuration

When I’m doing a new Specops OS Deploy installation for a customer I’m always asking if they will be using Multicast and if they have it enabled/configured in the network. And I’m also recommending our customers to use Windows... Read More