Will you pass a HIPAA audit?

Will you pass a HIPAA audit?

One of the most valuable types of data is online healthcare patient data. Multiple Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) breaches in the past showed that fraudsters obtained the records and filed false claims with insurers or bought... Read More

Ditch Pointless Password Policies

UK spy agency wants you to ditch pointless password policies

The UK intelligence agency, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), released new password guidance in a report titled “Password guidance: simplifying your approach.” The guidance acknowledges the “password overload” problem people face when remembering multiple passwords and the difficulty in... Read More

multi-factor authentication in password resets

Turn mobiles into high-trust devices

Passwords have well-known drawbacks for user authentication. They are hard to remember and easy to hack. Organizations are increasingly adopting two-factor or multi-factor authentication to strengthen passwords and safeguard online information. The high-trust device in your pocket It the... Read More

Better password security with multi-factor authentication

Who knows the answers to your security questions?

Security questions, also known as challenge questions or secret questions, are a way to help you recover access to accounts when you forget your passwords. Security questions are meant to protect your accounts but they can actually provide hackers... Read More

claims-based identity management

Claims-Based Identity: A Better Model for Authentication

Claims-based identity is a common method used by applications to obtain identity information about a user that another application has authenticated. Claims are pieces of information about a user that have been packaged and signed into security tokens and... Read More