Enable .Net in your client OS

.NET is a programming framework created by Microsoft that developers can use to easily create applications. .Net applications are commonly used by desktop and web services. The .Net framework must be installed on your client machine in order to... Read More

prevent sleep with PowerShell and the MDT workbench

Preventing Sleep when patching a new image

Patching a machine can be a tedious process, especially if the machine goes to sleep before the process is complete. This has been a common problem our Specops Deploy customers have run into when creating an image for Windows... Read More

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Press release: Specops Software Supports Deployment of Windows 10

Specops Deploy 6.0 supports deployment of all current Windows operating systems, including Windows 10. Specops Deploy 6.0 now available Supports deployment of Windows 10 Supports Windows Defender management Stockholm, Sweden – October 20, 2015. Specops Software announced today support... Read More

Naming convention for MDT images

Naming MDT images

I have been to many customers’ sites and have seen many different naming conventions for MDT images. Naming MDT images is a challenge for many IT Pros that can be easily avoided with a simple and effective naming convention. You... Read More

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Install Silverlight using MDT

Silverlight is a free Microsoft plug-in, powered by the .NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems. While it is not a part of your native operating system, it contains a new degree of interactivity for... Read More

Remove unwanted APPX applications

Have you ever wanted to deploy a Windows 10 client, but without all the built-in Windows Store applications that it comes with? This is possible with running a simple script in MDT. The following script removes unwanted applications after... Read More