Custom MDT Properties

There is a relatively new feature in Specops Deploy/OS that has proven to solve some interesting challenges. There have been a few posts related to the feature showing examples of how it can be used. You can find the... Read More

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Press release: Specops Deploy enables mobile workforce

Specops Deploy 5.0 supports UEFI and Windows 8.1 Mobile workforce can access PC software One deployment solution for Windows XP to Windows 8.1 Stockholm, Sweden –  February 4, 2014. Specops Software announced today the release of Specops Deploy 5.0... Read More

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Alternate Ways to Update Trusted Sites

Internet Explorer assigns all websites to one of four security zones:  Internet, Local Intranet, Trusted Sites or Restricted Sites. The security settings that will be used for that site are dictated by the security zone the site is in.... Read More

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Troubleshooting Group Policy events

Walking through the basics in troubleshooting anything is a good process to follow. In a previous post I talked about the four areas where you should start your Group Policy troubleshooting: Install state of Client Side Extension (CSE) GPResult Events CSE... Read More

4 steps to troubleshooting Group Policy

4 Steps to Troubleshooting Group Policy

A customer called recently who was having some pretty basic troubles with Specops Deploy. What struck a chord with me was how important the simple, basic steps are in troubleshooting Group Policy. Sure, there is plenty of complex stuff... Read More

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Inconsistencies in Password Settings

I have had a couple of customers baffled when their default domain policy has one set of password settings but there is a different set of password settings listed for the Default Domain Policy when they look Specops Password... Read More