Password length best practices

A long password is a strong password, however it’s still not any good if it contains your username or other easily guessable words. This blog explains how you can enforce password length alongside other best practices. Read More

How to enforce password history in Active Directory

The “Enforce password history” setting in Active Directory is used to determine the number of unique passwords a user must use before they can use an old password again. This is an important setting because password reuse is a... Read More

What to expect during your next penetration test

For some businesses, vulnerability and penetration testing is a deeply-ingrained process that just works. However, for many others, this exercise is less known – arguably a mysterious, if not a downright scary aspect of running an information security program.... Read More

NIST and password compliance guidelines

The new password guidelines from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are changing how companies and organizations view password security. The guidelines say: Do allow for longer passwords and choosing original secret questions, Don’t allow users to choose... Read More

Moving to Office 365? A few things you should consider

Many organizations are making the move to cloud, specifically Office 365 (O365). Recognized as the most common business productivity software, O365 offers many benefits to today’s mobile workforce. There’s also some perks for the IT staff. Freed up internal... Read More

What to consider when using Specops uReset MFA

If you are considering Specops uReset, all the ways your users can authenticate to the self-service system can be overwhelming. Before rolling out the solution, you need to decide how you will verify user identities – will it be... Read More

7 Common Mistakes SysAdmins Make

Mistakes, we all make them. Even the guys and gals that work to keep the organization running smoothly. The responsibility of protecting the network, combined with the complexity of the work, and pressure from users, brings forth unexpected challenges.... Read More

Helpdesk password reset best practices

Helpdesk password reset best practices

If your organization is currently using a self-service password reset solution, it is critical that the helpdesk staff who manage the system, and assist users, consistently follow best practices. This post will provide tips for reducing password-related calls to... Read More

Quick Troubleshooting

There are times when administrators need to quickly view Group Policy Objects. If an administrator needs to know what administrative template settings are configured in a GPO, the common approach is to open the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)... Read More