Prepare the helpdesk for self-service

(Last updated on August 2, 2018)

The helpdesk staff is an important factor in the success of your self-service password reset rollout project. The helpdesk staff needs to know what is going to change, why the organization is making the change, and what they need to do differently. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing the helpdesk staff to continue unlocking accounts without taking the opportunity to educate the users. This will undermine your efforts and prevent you from reaching your goals. Prepare the helpdesk for password self-service by choosing an approach and communicating what you want them to say and do.

Choose the right helpdesk approach

When introducing a self-service password reset solution it is critical that your helpdesk staff is up to date, and consistent, on how they assist users. Our best practice approach includes two phases for removing all password-related calls to the helpdesk. We recommend allowing two weeks for each phase. Depending on the maturity of your organization, you can skip phases or go straight to the final phase.

Phase 1: Friendly hand holding

When users make a password related call to the helpdesk, it is safe to assume that they are frustrated. To lessen the frustration you can instruct your helpdesk staff to guide the users through the self-service process step by step.

Friendly hand holding achieves two things:

1. Happy users who get help to solve their problems.

2. First-hand experience of the simplicity of self-service solution.

Phase 2: Direct to self-service

When a user calls the helpdesk, the helpdesk should remind them that the self-service option is the way to go. Walk them through the process if necessary. Make sure your helpdesk continues to educate users and reinforces the message that password-related issues can be managed by through the self-service solution.

The tone in this approach should be friendly and factual. “You can actually reset your own password whenever you need to. We have a new policy that IT support is not allowed to reset passwords, making us more secure as a company. Have you enrolled in the self-service solution?”

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