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7 ways to strengthen security questions

Security questions have been around almost as long as the Internet and passwords. They are inherently weak and recently both Gartner and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) have drawn a hard line in the sand concerning them.... Read More

Specops does biometrics with the Fingerprint Authenticator

With more and more manufacturers embedding biometric capabilities into their devices, biometric authentication is here to stay. According to the Biometrics Research Group, the number of people using biometrics on mobile devices totaled 650 million towards the end of... Read More

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Press release: Specops uReset Increases Privileged User Security

New security features limit security risk associated with administrator and helpdesk accounts by tightening access Login multi-factor authentication (MFA) for administrators and helpdesk users Granular, delegated helpdesk access permissions Stockholm, <August 17, 2016> – Specops Software announced today a... Read More

Sysprep Capture of Windows 10 fails

Since November 2015, the ISO of Windows 10 has included more “modern” applications in its default build. This has caused some problems when trying to capture an image using SYSPREP. Some of the applications are 3rd party such as... Read More

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s password should concern you

Mark Zuckerberg’s password was hacked earlier this month. Not only did he use a simple password – dadada, but he also reused it across different services. Why should this make you worry? Because Zuckerberg’s negligence reflects current password norms... Read More

Your password: separating the weak from the strong

You are probably familiar with the basics of password security: Complexity is a necessity; and length equals strength. If you have a social media or email account, chances are your password meets their minimum length and/or complexity requirements. But,... Read More