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Specops secures O365 password resets with MFA

Stockholm, Sweden – November 14, 2018. Specops Software announced today a new release of Specops Authentication for Office 365 (O365). The release introduces self-service password reset functionality by using the common dynamic multi-factor authentication (MFA) engine. The release also introduces... Read More

Why you should consider cyber insurance

As security breaches continue to grow, businesses should operate under the assumption that they will be breached. A cyber insurance policy protects businesses against the costs associated with law suits, investigations, and downtime. Read More

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Troubleshooting user account permissions – AdminSDHolder

Specops Password Reset, Specops Password Sync, uReset, and Specops Authentication all use low privilege service accounts in Active Directory.  When you add an OU or OUs to your management scope, we delegate extremely granular permissions for our service account... Read More