Geoblocking for self-service password resets

(Last updated on October 6, 2020)

Stockholm – Specops Software released the latest version of its Specops Authentication platform. The platform supports self-service password reset and self-service encryption key recovery. The introduction of geoblocking advances security associated with these two highrisk activitiesThe capability allows IT admins to prevent cyber attacks by allowing or blocking users from particular IP addresses, ranges, and countries. 

Allowing users to manage password resets and recovery keys reduces user downtime and support costs. Organizations can secure these entry points with multi-factor authentication and location parameters. 

Attackers use stolen credentials to attempt authentication and password resets from various locations or IP addresses, said Lori Österholm, CTO at Specops Software. With geoblocking in place, IT admins can easily stop this type of attack.” 

The Specops Authentication platform secures self-service password resets and key recoveries with a shared multi-factor authentication platform that supports over 15 identity services. This reduces enduser adoption barriers as enrollments are shared across multiple solutions. 

Geoblocking mitigates the risk of cyberattacks, and secures self-service,” Österholm said. “Our self-service solutions remove the helpdesk burden without compromising security.”  

IT admins can enable multifactor authentication to verify users; and geoblocking to proactively block access from high-risk locations.   

To learn more about how Specops Authentication can secure self-service password reset click here or encryption key recovery click here. 

About Specops Software  

Specops Software is the leading provider of password management and authentication solutions. Specops protects your business data by blocking weak passwords and securing user authentication. With a complete portfolio of solutions natively integrated with Active Directory, Specops ensures sensitive data is stored on-premises and in your control. Every day thousands of organizations use Specops Software to protect business data. 

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