Finding your identity in the digital space

(Last updated on August 1, 2019)

Don’t let the title fool you. This is not so much a melodrama – but rather about our fragmented identities sprinkled in the ubiquitous digital space. Okay, maybe a little exaggerated, but let’s see how you feel after a dozen failed passwords attempts – or could it be the wrong username? You narrow it down just enough to kick-off the password reset process. Now, you’ll answer a few simple questions.


Okay. I just need to figure out when I created my account, and what my favourite movie was at the time. This should be easy.


You get the point.

Think about your digital routine. Checking emails, banking, shopping, social media, and even dating. Most of the websites we frequent entail a user registration process prior to providing services. So, we create an account, either with personally identifiable information, or random unrelated information. We also create a password retrieval process, either with security questions, a secondary email, or mobile number. Top it off with a password, perhaps reusing our favourite one against better judgement.

How many times will we go through the aforementioned process in one lifetime? The data isn’t conclusive, but recent findings from the UK point to 19, all the way up to 118.  We’ll just refer to it as a lot. Most will be completely forgotten, some a vague memory, and a few will be memorized, only to be changed following a publicized password leak.

Data breaches, system failures, and identify theft are casting their dark shadows on our digital lives. But, we have entities that can protect us, right? Outnumbered against “illicit digital marketplaces” with a user base in the tens of thousands, our so-called protectors are just as vulnerable.

We’re not completely helpless. The onus of best practice also falls on us, and it starts with creating stronger password. A better understanding of our identity, along with simplifying its management will help. This means falling out of the trap of creating a new account for each online service you want to use. Continue on to our webinar, where we will take this a step further. We’ll even fully explain the claims based identity model, complete with scenarios, in 12 minutes or less.

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