CEO Series: Everyone has leaked passwords – vital software is here

I can promise you that there are leaked passwords in your organization. As you are aware, this makes it easier for hackers to carryout criminal attacks – 80 percent of data breaches are related to passwords.  

How do I know that your colleagues’ passwords are leaked? Two months ago we released vital software that provides a clear answer to this question. More than 400 organizations and companies have used the free security software to find leaked passwords. The results are shocking which you can see in the following three examples:  

  • Healthcare: 25 percent of passwords were leaked in a public sector organization with 5000 employees. 
  • Manufacturing: 25 percent of passwords were leaked in a manufacturing company with 60,000 employees.  
  • IT service provider: 35 percent of passwords were leaked in an IT company with 150 employees.  

The most important security software for identifying password problems was released earlier this summer: an updated version of Password Auditor. The tool provides insights that were previously impossible to gather in a single view 

Check to see your password situation, including leaked passwords, password duplicates, and accounts without passwords. The tool also provides insights on the general protection your password policies provide against attacks. It’s safe and secure to use Password Auditor. IT-admins download the software and run it locally.  

The risk for cybercrimes continues to grow. Attacks using leaked passwords can result in stolen business critical data or ransom activities that prevent a business from functioning. Using a leaked password, a hacker can access an account and takeover an existing email conversation and use phising tactics to steal money or data.  

Do you dare to NOT check leaked passwords in your organization?  

(Last updated on October 30, 2023)


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