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How to find the right drivers in OS deployment

When you are deploying an operating system in Specops Deploy, you start with creating the make, model and OS driver folders tree. Many people want to jump to importing drivers, but it’s important to understand how to find the... Read More

How to deploy Java 8

We get a lot of questions from customers wondering how to deploy Java 8 to their client computers. Most people just want to add the Java support and get rid of the automatic update feature so that the clients... Read More

Naming convention for MDT images

Naming MDT images

I have been to many customers’ sites and have seen many different naming conventions for MDT images. Naming MDT images is a challenge for many IT Pros that can be easily avoided with a simple and effective naming convention. You... Read More

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Install Silverlight using MDT

Silverlight is a free Microsoft plug-in, powered by the .NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems. While it is not a part of your native operating system, it contains a new degree of interactivity for... Read More

Remove unwanted APPX applications

Have you ever wanted to deploy a Windows 10 client, but without all the built-in Windows Store applications that it comes with? This is possible with running a simple script in MDT. The following script removes unwanted applications after... Read More

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Orphaned Deployments

I have been known to say “Group Policy comes without a this may be a career limiting configuration change you are about to make, are you sure!? message.” You can do a lot of things with GP that can cause... Read More

Deleting Orphaned Deployments

This may not be the best title for this post. Deleting Orphaned Deployments may be the solution, but it is surely not the problem. The technique described here is something that you can use in other situations where an... Read More

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Multiple Drives Causes a Deployment Error

My colleague Johan had lent his tablet to Mikael, another fellow Product Specialist, to evaluate for a few days.  When Mikael started to deploy Windows 8 to the tablet with Specops Deploy, he got the following error:  Failure (5456):... Read More