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Reinstalling a tablet in your domain

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through how to reinstall a tablet already joined in your domain. Domain joined tablet – step-by-step guide to reinstalling a tablet in your domain Open Specops OS Admin tool, right-click within drivers... Read More

Custom MDT Properties

There is a relatively new feature in Specops Deploy/OS that has proven to solve some interesting challenges. There have been a few posts related to the feature showing examples of how it can be used. You can find the... Read More

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NIC Configuration Error

Recently, I redeployed a few laptops with Specops Deploy and after boot up I got the following error: Once I hit OK, the computer rebooted into the same error. This unusual error is caused by the system booting into an... Read More

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PowerShell 002

Another day-in-the-lifetype post. We have all been there; systems engineers, developers, hobbyists, tinkers or the like finding ourselves troubleshooting network issues. And the first thing we do? Anyone? PING. Right? We all head to PING or IPConfig or some... Read More

Double Hop Authentication Issue

Have you ever been plagued with the “double hop” authentication issue? I recently had a customer who had this issue and it took a group effort to get it sorted. First things first, what is the double hop? It’s... Read More

4 steps to troubleshooting Group Policy

4 Steps to Troubleshooting Group Policy

A customer called recently who was having some pretty basic troubles with Specops Deploy. What struck a chord with me was how important the simple, basic steps are in troubleshooting Group Policy. Sure, there is plenty of complex stuff... Read More

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Can You Sysprep More Than Three Times?

Sysprep has some limitations, like not being able to run this more than three times on the same machine. But this may be exactly what you want to do when you update a captured image with the latest patches... Read More