Domain name protection

Domain name protection ensures that your Specops Authentication account cannot be accessed using your registered domain name. When you enable this, all references to your domain name in application URLs are replaced by an obfuscated ID. This means that all users must sign in using these special URLs.

When the URLs are updated, the Gatekeeper Admin tool makes a call to Specops Authentication, retrieves the list of URLs, and saves it in Active Directory.

The list of URLs is used by the Specops Authentication Client for Windows start menu items (Reset Password and Change Password). The Reset Password URL is also used in the CTRL-ALT-DELETE screen, where the “Reset Password” link is displayed.

Enable Domain Name Protection

  1. Sign in to Specops Authentication Web.
  2. Click Account .
  3. In the Domain Name Protection section, click Enable .
  4. In the Enable Domain Name Protection pop up, click Enable .
Enabling domain name protection will invalidate the original application URLs found in the Specops Gatekeeper Admin tool. Anyone using these URLs prior to enabling domain name protection, must change to the new ones. To update these URLs:
  1. Open the Gatekeeper Admin tool.
  2. In Useful Links section, click Update URLs .

Disable Domain Name Protection

  1. Sign in to the Specops Authentication Web.
  2. Click Account.
  3. In the Domain Name Protection section, click Disable